A Word About Post-Processing

Any photographer worth their equipment needs to be an expert at photo refinishing, otherwise known as post-processing. In commercial creative settings, you hear it all the time: “We can fix it in post.” It’s universal. Any model over the age of twenty will have shadows under their eyes, loose hairs in loose places, blemishes. (Any model under the age of twenty will have more of the latter than the former; as I said, it’s universal.)

A good photographer does as much as possible to get the image right “in camera:” The connection with the model, the hair, the pose, the wardrobe, background, makeup, et cetera. A good post-processer will know exactly how to do as little as possible to cover up nature’s messes, from nose hairs to dark circles. I’ve been a Photoshop expert for almost as long as I’ve been a photographer. Hopefully, you see it in my work without seeing it too much.


Drab colors on a cloudy afternoon? Stray hairs, circles, schmutz on the coat? You find it in any image, especially a candid outdoors shot like this.


No problem, if done right. Here I was even asked to change her hair color and remove the headband logo. It’s all part of the process. The post-process.

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